Swiss CMT AG

composites materials and technologies

who we are


we are a "young" innovative team, of specialists in various fields. Together with our partners, we form a unique knowledge pool in...

  • materials (fibers, resins, cores, adhesives,...)
  • machines (double belt presses, presses, machining, handling,...)


our general manager
Marcel Schubiger...


born and raised in Switzerland,
apprenticeship and degreed as haevy truck mechanic.

experienced in maintaining and repairing heavy trucks and passenger cars. went back to "school" and achieved a bachelor in sciences at the HSR Rapperswil (Switzerland) on the major study fields of material-science, textile-technologies and Finite-Element-Analysis (FEA).

got in contact with chemistry (reactive thermoplastics) at EMS Chemie AG and lead Sauber Motorsports (Formula 1) composites production (cleanroom) for some years. improved and combined the knowledge in the automotive field of structural bonding, partially panel reinforcement and panel dampening at DOW Automotive AG.

managed European composites projects of Cyclics Europe GmbH and coordinated several EU and government founded projects. Gained further competences in implementing and industrializing new products and technologies as CTO (and sole inventor of the IQ technologies) at IQ Holding AG.

founder of Swiss CMT AG,
together with our long-term partners we have formed a strong team with a long history of proven knowledge in industrializing composites applications.




• not only fibers
• not only resins
• it's the combination of materials

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