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we are an engineering company, grown in the field of solvent free thermoset and reactive thermoplastic composites (fiber reinforced plastics).


proven skills in various areas, specialized in semi-continuous and continuous processes.

from the ignition point of a new idea or a prototype to the  manufacturing method of a serial part.


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we offer a partnership

supporting from the first idea to the final product:

Have you ever thought about combining unusual materials and processes, that aren't taught at school? Those, when...

  • chemists say: okay, this is not dangerous, but I haven't thought about it!
  • engineers are giving you lectures on: this machine is not meant for that job!
  • having a great product but cannot find the market entry.

We help you to find the right arguments and the right tests for the feasibility study.

Once it is proven that it works; we (together) specify and design a customized manufacturing process.


our limits:

we are not superheroes, and for those things we don't know, we combine our strengths in an excellent network of the greatest experts in the specific tasks.


technology driven


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